Customer Service

ORDERING ONLINE: MIXED CHICKS hair products, shirts, and gifts can be purchased here on our site 24/7. Simply go to the products page, click, and we will ship.

PHONE ORDERS: We do take orders over the phone, however there is a $5.00 surcharge.

SALON ORDERS: Stylists and Beauty Supply Managers, we encourage you to email or call. Wholesale pricing is available. And when we put you on our salon locator new customers will walk in the door.

HOW TO USE: You can find out a lot about MIXED CHICKS and how to use MIXED CHICKS products by watching our videos. The link is at the bottom of this page where it says "videos." If you still need more, give Wendi and Kim a call (yes, Wendi and Kim do work with our customers).

RETURNS: We're sure you will love us, but in the unlikely event that you need to return product, we refund cost of products (not shipping) if returned within 30 days of your online purchase to the address below. We do not accept returns on Liter sizes. If you are not sure the product works, please try our sample packs. They are only 99cents + shipping, or you can visit one of the salons and they will give them to you if available.

FLAT IRON RETURN/REPAIR POLICY: Mixed Chicks does not accept flat iron returns. We do provide info and service for the flat iron through the manufacturer warranty provided inside the flat iron box. Here is how to send your Mixed Chicks flat iron - Please include the following:
- Receipt
- $15 money order (US customers)
- $30 money order (Canada customers)

Money order must be payable to NB Beauty Systems; we do not accept personal checks.

Mail To:
H2 Pro
307 S. Milwaukee Suite# 126
Wheeling IL 60090

If you need more flat iron repair information call H2 Pro: 1.800.896.7728

To speak with someone in the Mixed Chicks office, contact:

PR email:
PHONE: +1.818.888.4008 (9:00am - 5pm PST Monday-Friday)
FAX: +1.818.888.4308

21208 Vanowen Street
Canoga Park CA 91303
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