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Once upon a time, there was a girl with stick straight hair. Then she turned 19, and it started kinking, waving and dare I say it - curling. Gah! What to do? Must straighten, straighten, straighten. Flat irons, blow dryers, serums - all designed to beat the Chicago heat and humidity. Result: lengthy morning sessions in the bathroom and hair that was fried around the edges.

Ten years later, I've embraced my curly hair -- and with gusto. Ignore the picture above; most days I do in fact wear my hair curly. It certainly helps that I work for MODERN, where I'm surrounded by images of cool curl girls. There are also so many companies now that offer products to make natural texture look its best. I'm a huge curly fan and I'm fully on board with the idea of people loving the hair they have.

I'm also the recipient of most of the curly hair products that come into the office -- and of course, I'm always willing to try them out. Recently a new line crossed my desk: Mixed Chicks. Created by two women, Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy, who couldn't find the right blend of products to control and style their curls, the line is simple (only six products), smells delicious and leaves hair bouncy. I'm particularly a fan of the conditioner, a leave-in that moisturizes well without weighing my hair down -- a problem I've had before with leave-ins. I also love Hair Silk, a non-greasy serum that I use when I wear my hair curly as well as when I occasionally straighten it (see above). For curly guys, the line features a shampoo and conditioner called HIS Mix.

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Biracial Beauties: Care for the Curls

Curly girls of the world can now unite and rejoice in a fabulous new product created specifically with our oftentimes troubled tresses in mind. Created by two multiracial women, Wendi and Kim, Mixed Chicks is the first product of its kind to address the needs of those who have hair that is a combination of several textures due to their multiracial lineage.

Mixed Chicks revolutionary new conditioner is to vie for. This alcohol-free, leave-in conditioner is a unique mixture of high quality ingredients created to combat the frizz (as well as any other unruly condition most curly girls face) and produce a head full of glossy ringlets that will keep other heads turning.

Being a multiracial curly girl myself, finding products that work for my curly, wavy, straight and frizzy hair texture has been nothing short of a mission impossible. When shopping at beauty supply stores or going to the salon, I encountered the same frustration over and over. If it was a Black product, it was entirely too oily and left my hair limp and lifeless. On the other side of the spectrum, when I used White products, they stripped my hair of its natural oils and caused my hair to take on an unruly, dry texture that looked frizzy and damaged.

Thanks to Mixed Chicks, I have finally achieved the beautiful, defined curls that I have always dreamed of. I highly recommend this incredible conditioner to anyone who has struggled with their curls and lost. The gods of glam have spoken and the answer to hair prayers is Mixed Chicks.

By Linda Ripoll


Mixed-Race Duo Make Perfect Combination
Say goodbye to dry or oily hair.

Two mixed-race women from Los Angeles, tired of waiting for someone to do it for them have created a leave-in conditioner aimed at women with hard-to-manage curly hair.

Wendi Levy, a full-time teacher found it hard to find products for her curly blond hair.... read more on Intermix.

Detroit News

Conditioner is right mix for biracial hair texture

By Oralandar Brand-Williams / The Detroit News

For Detroiter Rozlyn DeCharentenay, styling the red-haired locks of her 9-year-old, Thais, can be daunting. It's a matter of finding a product that can provide the right amount of oil without being overpowering. "You don't want to use grease because it's too greasy," DeCharentenay says. "You need something that provides moisture without being greasy." Thais is biracial, and for many others like her, she has hair texture that is often referred to by mixed-race individuals as "combination hair," crosses between curly and straight as well as fine and coarse. Two women from Los Angeles -- Kim Etheredge, 34, and Wendi Levy, 36 -- have created Mixed Chicks, a leave-in conditioner aimed at women with hard-to-manage hair. "I felt that the white products are a little drying, while the black products are very heavy with oil," says Levy, whose mother is African American and father is Jewish. "If you mix the two (products), you have the perfect ratio." Having hair that is both curly and straight has been a challenge, says Etheredge, whose mom is white and dad is black. "There are millions of Americans whose hair is like this," she says. "We get a lot of white mothers are who are very happy with the product. Before they said they didn't know what to do with their daughter's or son's hair." For Levy, a full-time teacher, looking for products for her curly blond hair was often a feat in itself. "There was the regular aisle for white hair, and then there was the aisle for black hair-care products," she says. "I would always have to blend products just to get them to work. (Mixed-race individuals) are the forgotten group."

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