This is the first time I've used Mixed Chicks shampoo and deep conditioner and when it is used with the leave in conditioner it has AMAZING results. Before I found this stuff I was spending way too much money on all sorts of anti-frizz products. Thank you doesn't seem like enough!
I have been out for a month trying to use "other hair products" because I no longer live in San Diego and there is no salon or store which carries Mixed Chicks curly products in my town. So I'm ordering more, I've had it!
I'm not mixed...just a white girl with frizz. Well, my daughter's friend had tons of perfect curls and when I asked, her mom told me "Mixed Chicks did it." So I tried, and guess what? NO MORE FRIZZY HAIR! It feels so good to wake up, not stressing about my hair routine.
The greatest testament your products could have gotten was when my husband's Aunt June complimented my daughter's hair! I know I have finally found the curly hair products that work for her because I am getting compliments from my husband's side of the family!
God bless you for this product! It is so amazing! I used aveda elixir for years and began to panic when they quit making it. I came across your product and I will tell you that I wont use anything else again! I blogged about it if you want to check it out at backyardcandle.blogspot.com. I will continue to tell EVERYONE about this product!!! It is AMAZING!
Visiting my hometown of Chicago last week, I received 2 compliments on my hair and each woman begged me to tell what I used. It helped I was wearing one of your t-shirts! I'm a mixed chick and proud of it! I also use it on my daughter's hair who's hair is more course than mine...but the conditioner and gloss works wonders on her. Best products on the market! When I was a child, there was nothing for me (35+ years ago).
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